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In Other News – 11 April 2016

Now, don’t call it a man-cave because that’s worse than using the word “moist” in polite conversation, but I’ve often dreamed of having that one room to fill with as much materialism as possible.A button to push that unleashes the hounds when the local mormons refuse to take a hint.

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Dark Souls III DLC coming in a few months

Bandai Namco has confirmed that the first DLC pack will release in Northern Hemisphere autumn (our spring), with a second pack arriving sometime later.You can get both DLCs with the season pass, which strangely isn’t included even in this gorgeous Collector’s Edition of the game.

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Will you be able to run Mirror's Edge: Catalyst?

Along with a renewed focus on parkour over combat and a much more fluid system of platforming, Catalyst looks to be making full use of the Frostbite engine.In short, Catalyst looks gorgeous, and it’s going to require some power on PC to stay that way.

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