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Telltale Games Is Teasing "Very Different" Partner Project Announcement For Later Today

Since then, they have been putting out multiple game series in that same style each year, but now it appears they may have something “very different” up their sleeve with a new partner project.The developer currently has a number of projects still in the works from them, including The Walking Dead: Season 3, as well as Batman and Marvel based games as well, but now it appears they are not only sticking to developing, but also going into publishing.

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Miitomo Surpasses 10 Million Users Worldwide

In the midst of all of this there’s the ever unfolding story of Nintendo’s first major smartphone app, Miitomo.The social network, video game mashup has achieved some pretty amazing success, with Nintendo announcing this morning that it has surpassed 10 million users worldwide.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: Tips For Getting Started

The just released Horizon: Zero Dawn offers a very robust experience that features a lot of customization in how you handle everything.Do As Many Sidequests As You Can The main story of Horizon: Zero Dawn is obviously the focus, but you will notice before too long that the main quest difficulties are getting very hard.

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Learn About Prey's Enemy Aliens, the Typhon, in New Video

The game features a dark and interesting story involving aliens, science, and how the two can go very wrong when mixed together.A new video, released today, lifts some of this mystery by going in-depth on what appear to be the game’s main enemies, the Typhon aliens.

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GameStop Is Impressed With The Xbox Scorpio

This news all came after the reveal of their Q4 2016 fiscal year results that were released alongside an earnings conference call which talked about the future as well, including some interesting mention of the Xbox Scorpio.Used systems and games are obviously the focus for GameStop, but they also sell a lot of new products as well.

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