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Xbox One Ultimate Game Sale Returns July 5th

The Steam Summer Sale is already well underway, and Sony jumped in with some discounts on the PlayStation Store.Now it’s Microsoft’s turn and they’re hitting back hard with a return of the now annual Xbox One Ultimate Game Sale.

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Marvel Games Aware Of Issues People Have With The Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remasters

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games recently got the remaster treatment on current generation hardware, but since their release there’s been a lot of problems that have come to light that buyers are not happy with.While there had been no news on whether or not the developers were working on sorting the issues out, we’re now finally getting some word that the wheels are in motion.

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Red Hood Available for Injustice 2

Over time the Ultimate Pack will grant access to nine playable characters as they are released.The Ultimate Pack also frants access to three Premier Skins:  Power Girl, John Stewart Green Lantern, and Reverse Flash.

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