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In Other News - 08 April 2016

Whose sick idea was it, to make it mandatory to work five days a week?And I mean, when you’ve just come straight off a couple of shortened work weeks, it just feels even more cruel.

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Splatoon Is Hosting A SpongeBob-Themed Splatfest Next Weekend

Next weekend marks the beginning of the latest Splatfest in Nintendo’s Wii U exclusive Splatoon, which will ask perhaps the toughest question in life: SpongeBob or Patrick?That means that you will be picking either Team SpongeBob or Team Patrick in a weekend-long battle, which will then get you a free in-game t-shirt featuring the character you will be representing.

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The stage is set for the Dreamhack Master playoffs

Already we’ve seen the exit of Luminosity, hot off their victory at MLG Columbus, and Astralis, who often blast through the group stages at every major tournament.This has set the stage for up and coming teams to earn their spot in the global rankings as CS:GO continues to grow globally.

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Overwatch Guide: How To Play Orisa

The latest hero has been added to Overwatch’s roster across all supported platforms, with the new recruit called Orisa offering a brand new way to play for the game’s ever-growing fanbase.First of all, Orisa is a tank character that can both take and deal a lot of damage.

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