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Are you in the mood for a 90’s era shooter that follows in the footsteps of Descent and Forsaken then your in luck Sigtrap and Mastertronic have teamed up to bring you SUBLEVEL ZERO.A six-degree-of-freedom shooter modernized with crafting and looting mechanics.

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Final Fantasy 9 Is Now On Steam, Lets You Switch Off Random Encounters

The classic PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy 9 launched 16 years ago and marked the final game in the series to be released on Sony’s first console, but now the game has finally made its way to Steam.This new version of the game will bring several new features to the game, but one of the biggest ones is the ability to switch off random encounters when you’re not in the fighting mood.

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Are you Soda Drinker Pro enough?

After entering that unsuspecting beach house, Soda Drinker Pro takes on a whole new face of crazy, Vivian Clark.I would say all of that is quite odd, but in Soda Drinker Pro’s dark twisted story, it’s quite normal.

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Dead Rising 4 is Coming to Steam on March 14th

Dead Rising 4 is coming to Steam, with a newly announced release date set for March 14th.Dead Rising 4 was originally announced as an Xbox Play Anywhere title, with those who bought the game digitally on Xbox One being able to also play it on Windows 10 PC.

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