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HotS: Weekly Sales - April 05 - 12, 2016, Weekly Round-up

Weekly Sales for next week are up and with it, here is a weekly round-up of all interesting happenings from all around the Nexus.The following items will be on sale next week: In addition to next week's sales, we've also got some mounts returning and being removed from the shop.

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Legion Alpha: Raid Testing Weekend!

Another raid testing weekend is on its way, as well as the first Mythic raid bosses to be tested.While nothing has been set in stone, it looks like testing each weekend is becoming more common for Blizzard to implement on the Alpha servers.

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Blizzard Removing Alpha Access As Punishment

The thread in question popped up after there were a number of stability issues with the Alpha servers.It seems Blizzard have since revoked the access of these players to the Legion Alpha and Overwatch Beta for an undisclosed period of time.

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Overwatch Patch Notes: 12th April, 2016

A new patch has been released on the Overwatch Beta, with changes including hero balance changes and map changes.One of the most notable and, as a player that enjoys using Roadhog, welcome changes is to Roadhog's hook vs.

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Legion Alpha: Destruction Warlocks Available!

The latest Alpha build has just gone live, which marks the introduction of Destruction Warlocks, a raised level cap and a partially new zone!You can check out the full design notes below from Celestalon: Alpha Design Notes 13/4 We have another alpha build going up today.

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Injustice 2 Receives Microtransactions And Firestorm Reveal Trailer

Earlier this week, the Injustice community was greeted with yet another character reveal in Firestorm thanks to the UpUpDownDown channel that’s hosted by WWE Superstar, Xavier Woods.Aside from the new reveal trailer for Firestorm, there’s a bit of more new information that has been revealed for NetherRealm Studios upcoming fighter.

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