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When is Dark Souls 3 Coming Out?

In fact, some players will have access to the game many hours before April 12th, so the question remains, when is Dark Souls 3 coming out?Digitally, we do not know for sure, but it’s almost guaranteed to unlock at midnight Eastern Time for most players.

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Cool weekend gaming event reminder

I told you about it before, but you really should make an effort to be there – supporting events like these means we might see even more cool gaming events in the future.You can get all the details over on their Facebook page, and the event is sounding rather cool.

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Star Fox Zero Review

Now, over ten years since the last main series release on consoles, we have Star Fox Zero.That familiarity extends through the story and into other aspects of Star Fox Zero.

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Battlefield 1 Will Feature Microtransactions of Some Sort

In a not too surprising move, EA revealed during a recent investor call that their upcoming WW1 shooter Battlefield 1 will feature microtransactions of some sort.They did not go into specifics, so likely we will see an unobtrusive set of optional small DLC, but it’s important to note that those who are averse to microtransactions might want to look deeper into the game.

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