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Rocket League Gets Two More DLC Cars in July

The cars actually aren’t brand new, as they are recreations from Rocket League’s much less well-known predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars.While these two cars will be available via DLC on July 18th they’ll also be available a bit earlier for those who purchase the physical collector’s Edition of Rocket League.

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Rocket League Getting Power-Ups With Rumble Mode In September

Rocket League has gotten a bunch of updates since its launch last year that have added some cool new twists into how the game is played, but the one that is on the horizon is set to be one of the biggest ones yet.At the end of the Rocket League championship in California that happened recently, developer Psyonix revealed that a new mode would be coming to the game next month that adds lots of crazy power-ups.

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Rocket League’s New Dropshot Mode Sounds Crazy, but Plays so Well

This has happened a few times, so when Rocket League’s developer Psyonix showed off the brand new mode Dropshot, I knew that I was close to giving them the same look.Once I played Dropshot I understood that they once again had something great on their hands, something that might be Rocket League’s best new mode.

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Rocket League is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Original Story: It topped our list of most wanted games for Nintendo Switch, and it seems that Psyonix is finally ready to deliver.Starting off today’s Nintendo E3 Spotlight with a bunch of upcoming games for Nintendo Switch, Rocket League subtly made its way into the presentation.

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