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New US PlayStation Store Deals Include Critic's Choice and EA Games

This week’s US PlayStation Store deals come with a selection of highly reviewed titles and games from publishers like EA or Atlus.Some of the highlights include Overwatch, Batman: Return to Arkham, Titanfall 2, The Witcher 3, Battlefield 1, various EA Sports games and nearly the complete Persona series.

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Persona 5 DLC Release Dates & Pricing Detailed

After some delays the release of Persona 5 is finally drawing near, launching early next month for PlayStation gamers.Of course, the game will also have quite a bit of DLC that fans will have the option to purchase, and now Atlus has detailed everything that Western gamers can get.

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Persona 5 Guide: How To Save Your Game

The game doesn’t save like Persona 4 did and doesn’t feature an auto-save system, which can lead to a little bit of confusion when first booting the game up.Don’t worry, as this guide will show you how to save your game.

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Persona 5 Guide: How to Get Personas

There are many Personas to unlock in Persona 5, this is a guide on how to get Personas and use them to create powerful new ones.Starting off the game you’ll be given a starting Persona, but you’ll quickly encounter many ways to get new ones.

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Persona 5 Guide: How Long To Beat & How Many Palaces There Are

Any fans of the Persona series will know that these games are not brief experiences, offering many hours of gameplay that can easily get up to the 100 hour mark.The excellent Persona 4 Golden was one example of this, with so much worthwhile content that it was hard to not spend 100 hours with it.

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Persona 5 Menus Are The Next Best Internet Meme

The game definitely has found a way to make turn-based RPGs to look “cool,” and wouldn’t all games look cooler with these menus?That’s what Persona fans on the internet must have thought, since platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are being flooded with images and videos of other games or even movies or TV shows with the Persona 5 interface pasted on.

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