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Let's talk about Vainglory

It’s honestly surprising that Vainglory has not seen more limelight since its birth, since mobile gaming constitutes one of the largest gaming player bases in the world.This is largely due to casual gaming, which is perhaps why Vainglory has been hiding in plain sight for the past year.

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Cool weekend gaming event reminder

I told you about it before, but you really should make an effort to be there – supporting events like these means we might see even more cool gaming events in the future.You can get all the details over on their Facebook page, and the event is sounding rather cool.

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Bravado Gaming bring back BlackpoisoN, replacing Deviant

In 2015 Bravado Gaming said goodbye to arguably one of the more talented CS:GO players in South Africa.Robbie “BlackpoisoN” Da Loca, who attended Dreamhack with Bravado in 2014, decided to make the move to Sweden where he’d hope to continue his CS:GO career abroad, in a country where CS:GO lives and breathes.

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Grant Hinds talks YouTube, Gaming and Life

I’ve always enjoyed podcasts, they’re perfect for travel and gathering information specific to your interests.Thus, I took it upon myself to start my own Podcast series along with Orena; something I’d toyed around with for several months, aimed at gaming culture.

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Xbox Scorpio Will Deliver Native 4K Gaming at 60 FPS With Performance to Spare

Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio was revealed today in a technology breakdown by Eurogamer, in which it was confirmed that the console will in fact be able to handle 4K gaming at 60 FPS with performance to spare.Described as a custom GPU that runs at an “unprecedented clock speed,” the Xbox Scorpio’s GPU is coupled with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM and eight core CPU, per the article.

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