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Nielsen: 12% of gamers are eSports fans

While gaming itself has become increasingly universal, it seems eSports fans have remained true to the gamer stereotype: male with plenty of money to burn.While I know some diehard rugby fans who are women, it does still seem to be predominantly a male thing.

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For Honor Beta First Impressions: Is it Worth Buying?

But once you resist the urge to throw your fist through your screen long enough to figure it all out, then you will find a pretty fun game buried under all the raging.It’s not perfect, more on that later, but when it works combat feels fun and fresh.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: Fighting Corrupted Machines

Horizon: Zero Dawn has a giant world to explore and in that world are many different side quests that you can take part in, some of which involve the Corrupted Zones.The ones we are talking about are corrupted versions of existing machines in the game, which basically means they have been infected.

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