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Nintendo NX Will Not Be At E3 2016 At All, Price & Other Details To Be Announced Later This Year

The Nintendo NX has been a total enigma for quite awhile now and still remains that way for the most part, but today brought the major news that it will be coming out worldwide in March 2017.While this is a little later than many expected, you still would have thought the new system would have a major presence at E3, but that is actually not going to be the case.

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Xbox Scorpio Rumored to Support 4K Capture and Have Internal Power Supply

A new report out of Windows Central gives us a couple of potential features that the Xbox Scorpio will have when it launches later this year.According to the website’s “trusted sources” the Scorpio will feature an internal power supply, which would indicate that the console could look quite different than the original Xbox One model and something more in-line with the Xbox One S.

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