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Rumor: Fable Legends Still an Option for Microsoft

According to a new rumor that has surfaced, former developers over at Lionhead Studios have revealed that discussions are still under going at Microsoft to possibly revive Fable Legends.The alleged rumor popped up over at MCV, where sources say that, “Discussions are on-going about saving the free-to-play RPG”.

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Nintendo Prefers Super Mario Run's Payment Model To Fire Emblem Heroes'

While this was a model that was controversial to many along with need to always be connected to the internet in order to play it, it appears that it’s a model that Nintendo prefers.” It’s definitely an interesting statement for the company to make, especially when considering that they have said plainly that Super Mario Run did not meet their sales expectations.

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Smite's Celestial Voyage Patch Adds Poseidon Remodel And Egyptian Event

As we’ve previously reported during the past weeks where Hi-Rez Studios’ popular free-to-play MOBA, Smite is expected to see a remodel for Poseidon and a new mini-event for the Egyptian pantheon set to arrive relatively soon.Has finally been officially revealed by the Georgia based developer during the latest patch notes show.

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Persona 5 Guide: How To Improve All Social Stats

The social element of the Persona series has always been a very important part of the formula, and Persona 5 is no different.There are 5 social stats that you’ll gradually be improving throughout the game, and they are Charm, Kindness, Knowledge, Guts and Proficiency.

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