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A Chubby Cat Deity Is Your Guide In Asdivine Hearts For Wii U

Zack and Stella, heroes of Asdivine Hearts, learn of their world’s peril from an overweight cat (who claims to be a deity) in the North American release of the Wii U turn-based RPG.Asdivine Hearts has been designed to make combat a challenge, mixing up clever enemy groups with monster variants that bring new abilities to the fight.

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In Sophie’s Curse, Keep The Lights On…Or Else

As a nurse, you’re tasked with caring for an older man for the night.The strange home relies on several hand cranks spread over the house to create electricity, though, and something is lurking in the darkness, just waiting for the player to slip up in first person horror game Sophie’s Curse.

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Shrouded In Sanity – An Action Horror Game Set In A Maddening Fog

An unnatural fog wafts out from Berelai Manor, and you, armed with your iaito cane and hand cannon, must fight the unsettled servants within to find the source of the mist in horror action game Shrouded in Sanity.In it, players will make their way through the varied halls of the manor, fighting back against gun, scissor, and knife-wielding servants.

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Back In 1995’s PS1 Visuals & Mystery Gameplay Releasing April 28

A world both concrete and surreal awaits players in Back in 1995, the horror/mystery game that’s inspired by the visuals and gameplay of early Playstation games, when it releases on Steam on April 28.The main character, in gameplay reminiscent of the first Silent Hill, must explore a city after a catastrophe, discovering what happened there, where his missing daughter has gotten to, and why he is there to begin with.

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Purify Polluted Waters With Beauty In KOI

A lone koi fish looks to make its way home along the polluted waters of KOI, bringing beauty and peace to the denizens and waters on its journey in the new release for PS4.Players will control the fish across eight stages, finding that what was once beautiful and tranquil has turned hostile and dark.

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YouTube Channel Owners Complain Over New Restrictions

That exact scenario happened to Mark Brown of “Game Maker’s Toolkit,” who says his videos “don’t contain anything remotely controversial.” To their credit, YouTube pointed out in 2015 – the same year Restricted Mode launched – that their filters aren’t going to always be completely accurate and that the burden of making sure things are properly filtered falls on the YouTube community itself.

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