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Tom Clancy's: The Division - Collectibles, Walkthrough and Guide

Tom Clancy’s The Division is shaping up to be a pretty massive game for Ubisoft, but don’t worry we won’t let you brave the danger filled streets of New York on your own.Here you’ll find our complete set of walkthrough and guides available for Ubisoft’s newest third-person shooter, including all the game’s Intel locations, tips to stay ahead of the grind, and more.

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Lone Wolf in The Division "Dark Zone"

Here are a few things I’ve learned about being a lone wolf in the Dark Zone.Lucky for you the Dark Zone XP and funds are nearly the same, and with Dark Zone vendors having amazing gear just as good and often better than what you can find actually in the Dark Zone, it would behoove you to farm for said funds and xp.

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The Division's confused morality is easily its darkest secret

But if your game isn’t designed to explore weighty themes, it’s probably best you avoid them entirely.Its setting and story are hovering on the periphery of issues like racial tension and police brutality, but instead of giving these subjects any real sort of room to breathe and expand, they’re gestured at in a way that feels obligatory.

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