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Razer Wildcat Xbox One Pro Controller Review

The pro controller game for consoles is in an upswing, it has always been present in some form or another but, with the inclusion of Microsoft not only officially joining the”pro” game with the Xbox Elite controller but setting an impressive standard, Razer answered by released their much anticipated competitor, the Razer Wildcat pro controller for the Xbox One.Because I have other Razer products for PC and a few other very very small issues with the Xbox Elite, I chose the Razer Wildcat.

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Star Fox Zero Review - Top Fox

Getting a quick introduction to Star Fox and his universe felt great for someone like me, not being versed in this universe or familiar with its characters at all.The most compelling part about Star Fox Zero is getting behind the controls of one of its many vehicles.

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Famitsu Publishes First Review For Dragon Ball Fusions

The first review for Dragon Ball Fusions has been published by Famitsu and it sounds like a game that will appeal to fans of both the franchise and RPG games in general.Gematsu posted the review scores for the latest Famitsu magazine and Dragon Ball Fusions scored a 33/40.

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