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MLB The Show 16: Why This is The Year of Road to the Show

The changes in Road to the Show in this year's MLB The Show may seem minor, but they make a huge difference in terms of how the mode plays -- and these differences all add up to the best Road to the Show experience yet.See why this is the year of Road to the Show.

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Press Row Podcast - MLB The Show 16 Review Roundtable

MLB The Show 16 represents another year forward for a series that knows its many strengths and continues to build on them but may not be doing enough to bolster its areas of weakness.All the while a new issue has emerged in recent days with crippling server drag being felt throughout all the menus severely hampering the experience for all consumers.

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Taking a Look at the New Science of Hitting

Although exit velocity most directly affects slugging percentage � harder-hit balls go farther and turn into extra-base hits more often � it is also correlated with almost every other positive indicator of offensive performance.It even affects how pitchers approach a given hitter; it�s positively associated with walk rate, presumably because pitchers fear throwing balls in the zone to high-exit-velocity hitters.

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