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Taking a Look at the New Science of Hitting

Although exit velocity most directly affects slugging percentage � harder-hit balls go farther and turn into extra-base hits more often � it is also correlated with almost every other positive indicator of offensive performance.It even affects how pitchers approach a given hitter; it�s positively associated with walk rate, presumably because pitchers fear throwing balls in the zone to high-exit-velocity hitters.

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For the Lakers, What is Next After Kobe?

The Kobe Bryant era in Los Angeles is over.After a ton of pomp and circumstance to send the Mamba out, the Lakers are still where they always were -- but now they have an insane amount of cap room and.

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The Jets Don't Yet Have a Starting QB...

"Lost in the kerfuffle of the Denver Broncos' quarterback mess is that we've gotten to tax day and the New York Jets still don't have a quarterback either.Perhaps it's that we all think that eventually Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets will find some kind of middle ground and come to a deal, but there hasn't been a Broncos level of public worry about who will start for the Jets.

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