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Rumor: Fable Legends Still an Option for Microsoft

According to a new rumor that has surfaced, former developers over at Lionhead Studios have revealed that discussions are still under going at Microsoft to possibly revive Fable Legends.The alleged rumor popped up over at MCV, where sources say that, “Discussions are on-going about saving the free-to-play RPG”.

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Razer Wildcat Xbox One Pro Controller Review

The pro controller game for consoles is in an upswing, it has always been present in some form or another but, with the inclusion of Microsoft not only officially joining the”pro” game with the Xbox Elite controller but setting an impressive standard, Razer answered by released their much anticipated competitor, the Razer Wildcat pro controller for the Xbox One.Because I have other Razer products for PC and a few other very very small issues with the Xbox Elite, I chose the Razer Wildcat.

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Fable Legends may yet live again on Xbox One

I’m starting to wonder if Scalebound will ever be released, while I’m still sad over the fact that Fable Legends is deader than the spermicide on the condom in my wallet.That may be the case, as Microsoft may be reconsidering whether or not to revive their asymmetric multiplayer game.

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R-Rated Fable 4 Was Rejected For Fable Legends, $75M Blown

Now that Lionhead Studios has been closed, details on what happened behind the scenes with Fable Legends and Fable 4 have emerged.Former Lionhead art director John McCormack revealed the behind-the-scenes struggles with Microsoft that completely changed the direction of the Fable franchise in a Eurogamer feature on the studio.

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