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HotS: Naventic Releases Erho, Srey Leaves TempoStorm

The rumours that Aaron “Erho” Kappes is no longer part of Naventic first surfaced on Reddit yesterday.However, Naventic may have felt that they needed a roster change after their recent somewhat disappointing performance in the Spring Global Championship.

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New Legion Build Notes!

A full up-to-date list of Alpha patch notes have been posted over on the US forums.Make sure to check out the latest additions, including changes to stat-squishes!

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Nostalrius to be Shut Down and Sued by Blizzard

One of the most popular Vanilla private servers in recent years is to be shut down after Blizzard issued a formal court notice to the developers!As a private server running an older version of WoW, its existence was unfortunately a conflict of Blizzard's legal rules.

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