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Firewatch is Really Something Special.

After the devastating beginning of Firewatch’s choose your own adventure narrative approach, and a philosophical look into ones own psyche, Firewatch becomes a semi-linear walking simulator.You can choose to wander around Firewatch’s gorgeous landscapes if you like, or you can begin your day to day duties as a Fire…watchman?

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Guest Column: A Garden of Bodies

There is a longstanding tradition of death as a motif in video game environments, and The Witness fits neatly at the edge of it.Everyone loves Varric, but the game's mechanics often incentivize you to leave him on the bench.

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cast Episode 46! More than just The Division.

5 if you prefer), Xbox 1 1/2 rumors, the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil, and then The Division.Somehow it feels like much more time than that, and being the salty dogs of not only the series but also the genre that we are, Kevin and I find plenty to reminisce about it in Nerd Farmcast Episode 46.

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