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9 essential tips for surviving Dark Souls 3

During combat, you can click the right stick to lock on to the enemy in front of you, and flick the stick left and right to switch between enemies if there's more than one.Where possible, try to combine this lock with sidesteps or rolls to get behind your foe as they attack, then perform a standard attack from directly behind to execute a backstab to deal much greater damage.

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The upcoming games for PS4

Release date: TBC 2016In previous Ghost Recon games, missions are straightforward and mostly linear.You infiltrate a base, silently take out guards on the way to your objective, then book it out of the hostile zone when your mission is complete.

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The best gaming headset

And if you’re after a super-budget option an audiophile high-end option or a set of cans with no wires to trip up your pets or partner we’ve got the best gaming headset recommendation for you.Sound Blaster is a brand synonymous with gaming audio history stretching back decades and the closed-back H5 headset is another great option for getting the best aural experience in-game.

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Final Fantasy 1988 to 2016: The Evolution of the Chocobo

Wark is the call of the chocobo, Final Fantasy’s enduring beast of burden, a terrifying cross between a hyper-intelligent ostrich and the friendliest chicken in history.The Fat Chocobo became a series regular after Final Fantasy 3, and even a summoned monster used for trampling enemies in later games.

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Why I Love: Picking up chickens

Put a chicken in a game and I am at least 10% more likely to enjoy that game.I’m not a monster) but what I like doing more than anything else is picking them up in Story of Seasons.

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Gears of War 4 - Everything you need to know

The Gears of War title for the next generation is on its way, and by 'next generation' we aren't just talking about game consoles.Marcus, Dom, Baird, and The Cole Train's fight against the Swarm is over, and new Gears soldiers are stepping up to defend humanity from the hideous monsters that threaten the current state of peace.

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