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Press Row Podcast - MLB The Show 16 Review Roundtable

MLB The Show 16 represents another year forward for a series that knows its many strengths and continues to build on them but may not be doing enough to bolster its areas of weakness.All the while a new issue has emerged in recent days with crippling server drag being felt throughout all the menus severely hampering the experience for all consumers.

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Perfecting MLB The Show's Franchise Mode

So what could be improved to put a future version of into that top echelon of franchise mode offerings such as the series?Instead, because Hand was "pitching successfully" getting the first two hitters out, he is left in the game.

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Taking a Look at the New Science of Hitting

Although exit velocity most directly affects slugging percentage � harder-hit balls go farther and turn into extra-base hits more often � it is also correlated with almost every other positive indicator of offensive performance.It even affects how pitchers approach a given hitter; it�s positively associated with walk rate, presumably because pitchers fear throwing balls in the zone to high-exit-velocity hitters.

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MLB The Show 16: The Best Pitcher and Hitter Ballparks

MLB The Show 16: The Best Pitcher and Hitter Ballparks As you progress through your Road to the Show career, there are certain games you “circle on the calendar.If you’re like me, however, you’re licking your chops when you know your team is traveling to a particular stadium.

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