This week's Tavern Brawl is called The Great Stone of Challenge. It is the 44th Brawl, and is a Brawl where you build your own deck.

The Brawl follows the same format as the first tournament, which was won by Brian Kibler. Creatures must have an odd attack value, and you can only use spells with an even mana cost. Of course, that tournament was a long time ago, and there have been new sets since then, so you probably cannot just copy decks from that event and expect to do well!This is the second Brawl in three weeks with deck building restrictions. This is interesting as Blizzard like to test things out in Brawl that they are thinking of introducing to the main game. It's hard to see exactly what that would be at this time, but it is useful to know they can add a restriction if required.