Pop Culture Shock Toys is preparing a line of 1:3 to 1:6 scale figures of select members of the Street Fighter V cast. People with between $299.99 and $899.99 to spare can begin to place pre-orders for ornate Cammy, Ken, Nash, Necalli, Ryu, and Vega statues. Edition sizes aren’t available for all figures, but they range from 125 for the some of the Necalli statues to 600 for Cammy.

Here are the details for all 11 of Pop Culture Shock Toys’ Street Fighter V statues. Unfortunately, the pre-orders for the three versions of Ryu, which also happened to be the most expensive figures, are sold out.

With each of these figures, choosing to pay in full when pre-ordering offers shoppers a discount. As an example, the Vega figure is $409.99, but choosing to pay in full brings the price to $360.79.


In addition to the cast of Street Fighter V, there’s also a Blanka 1:4 scale statue. 600 of him will be made and shipped around August 16, 2016 for $379.99 each.