Ray Gigant will be coming to the PlayStation Vita in May 2016. To help prepare people for the English debut of this dungeon-crawling JRPG, acttil has released a number of screenshots from Ichiya, Kyle, and Nil’s storylines.

In Ray Gigant, players follow three heroes and their groups of allies. The first is Ichiya, an ordinary young man who suddenly discovers the Yorigami Habakiri power when Gigants are attacking Tokyo. He wins, but also destroys the city in the process. Kyle is a noble with the Yorigami Answerer. Then there’s Nil, an innocent young woman with the Kukulkan Yorigami. Each one goes through dungeons in their storyline with two allies, attacking Gigants in three way battles. Every character in the party has a different perspective during the fight, attacking by pressing action buttons in time with a beat with a Slash Beat battle system.

There are also some visual novel elements in Ray Gigant. When your characters aren’t going through dungeons and attacking Gigants, there will be adventure elements and event scenes.

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Ray Gigant will be available digitally in both North America and Europe come May 2016.