MLB The Show 16: Talking Road to the Show (Roundtable)

1. How do you like the new advancement features? Good/bad/something else?

Chris Sanner: I've already gone on record saying they're amazing, and I still feel that way. I was able to get through most of a season in just a few sittings. That's never happened before. A big kudos to this feature for all the busy peeps out there!

Cicero Holmes: The advancement features are spectacular! I'll actually make it to free agency before next year's game releases.

Millennium: I love the streamlining of the mode. It allows more game time and less loading, but it doesn't remove the option to train. The scoreboard in between games is a nice touch as well.

Caley Roark: The practicality of being able to hammer through a month in an hour or so makes this mode one of the most addictive in sports gaming. I can't tell you how many times I've decided to go to bed, only to be playing for at least another hour.

2. What position are you playing as? How did you mix up your attributes?

Chris Sanner: I have chosen the path of an outfielder this year. As a lefty, it's that or first base, and first is kind of boring by comparison.

Cicero Holmes: I imported my character from last year who's a third baseman. However, I am also going to make myself a pitcher. I'm not sure if he'll be a starter or reliever. My 3B is on the juice (don't tell the Commish) so he's just about as good as he can get. My pitcher, however, will live the natural lifestyle so it might take a little bit longer to make it to The Show.

Millennium: I'm a third baseman, but secondary as a general infielder. I put fielding as high as it could go to start, then the rest into power. I've often seen water buffalo stampeding past me on the basepaths, which is quite the hindrance during "Base Stealing Training."

Caley Roark: I made third baseman/corner outfielder with high contact and speed numbers.

3. What are some of the things you are doing to build your players up? Any particular strategies?

Chris Sanner: I am always a fan of a balanced approach. A lot of people will naturally (for position players) build up your offensive stats in lieu of the defensive and base running stats, but I think that is a mistake. A big bat means nothing if you are constantly dropping routine fly balls. In addition, the new Showtime feature with base running makes adding speed and stealing ability a must to harass catchers and pitchers.

Cicero Holmes: I play to the strengths of the position. If I'm an OF then I'll add speed & defense first before looking to become a slugger (more arm strength too if I'm playing RF). As a pitcher, it's all about control first. Then maybe beefing up your signature pitch before anything else.

Millennium: I put all of my early points into durability in order to play as much as I can. I then pump the rest of the points into my arm strength and accuracy, fielding and reaction. I build up my bat last as I am a strong believer that while your bat may get you to the majors, your glove keeps you there.

Caley Roark: Again, I've been putting a lot of points into contact and speed, with power my third highest ability. Because my fielding skills are average, I am the DH in many games. I still get to play the field enough to experience that part of the game. I plan on upping my fielding skills as soon as I can.