Also, who would be the mother?

All shenanigans aside, if you have ever pondered this question, I have an answer for you today. 

It would seem that some excellent person called EGOD has taken this question so seriously, that they've gone and bothered to make it happen. The exact amalgamation in question here is none other than a Diablo game, made in Starcraft II.

That's correct, you (soontm) will be able to play Diablo in your Starcraft. While I struggle to not make a reference to some form of Xzibit meme, I am truly excited by what I see when I watch the gameplay footage:

With the stated Summer 2016 being close, we can only wait eagerly for more information to leak out concerning how, and when we may get our grubby mitts on this glorious piece of software. 

In the meantime let us know what you think about such Blizzard chimeras as this one!