The rate of reveals has slowed down slightly over the last few days, and these two cards bring us right up to date with every card so far. Wisps of the Old Gods and Soggoth the Slitherer bring the total number of cards revealed to fifty seven.

Often in spoiler seasons, there is a mass reveal of leftover cards a week or so from release. As it seems likely that the will be on April 26, the slowdown in card reveals might indicate that the entire set will be spoiled soon. 


Soggoth the Slitherer is a real nuisance to deal with, but at 9 mana it seems likely that there will be options that have more influence on the game. If he were to find a home, it would probably be in a control deck alongside something that helped put him into play cheaply, or in a deck that gets a lot of mana really quickly. As always, I'm loathe to write off a card too early due to potential synergies that might make it better, but on raw value he doesn't seem quite good enough for Standard play. 


Wisps of the Old Gods is unimpressive in the context of the current meta. We do however know that Druid is going to be changed significantly from Druid as we know it, so giving all minions +2/+2 permanently might be something worthwhile when we know exactly what the state of play is. Cho'Gall and Possessed Villager .Yogg-Saron and Spreading Madness, plus lore .Blood Warriors and Call of the Wild .Hammer of Twilight, Mire Keeper, Blood of The Ancient One .Thing From Below, Master of Evolution, and Vilefin Inquisitor .The Entourage of Y'Shaarj: .Steward of Darkshire, Cabalist's Tome, and Skeram Cultist: .