Hearthstone's Senior Game Designer, Ben Brode, has been very active on Twitter in the last week. He has answered a wide range of questions and we have highlighted some of the important ones for you in this article.

Firstly Brode addressed concerns about lore changes. He points out that lore associated with characters being corrupted by the Old Gods is only applicable to Hearthstone. He replied to around fifteen tweets on the matter, but they all said pretty much the same thing.The theme throughout is very much "What if" the four Old Gods came back at the same time.Regarding gameplay, both players waiting to see how many cards the other one chooses to mulligan, before making their own choice is often a problem on ladder, and especially so in tournaments. Brode suggests that this will be changed at some point, although seems to imply it won't be just yet.He confirms that there will be a new game board when is released. He also confirms that it is a bug that can target the same minion twice when played with  on the board.There are many other tweets answering individual questions, but most of those are already covered on . It is great to see him putting in the time to communicate with Twitter users.