I may not have been active the past few days, but the same couldn't be said about Trolden! Here are episodes 156 and 157 of his Funny and Lucky Moments series, the latter one having been released yesterday.

Since it wasn't reviewed last week, for continuity's sake we have included episode 156 in this article. This episode features two clips from the Rafaam versus Kel'Thuzad brawl, a nerve-wrecking Elise Warrior mirror and a pretty smart Priest milling his opponent to death. You've probably watched it already, but feel free to refresh your memory:

The latest 157th episode was a bit shorter in duration. The first clip involves the bravest and luckiest Bouncing Blade EVER! There's also yet another Elise Warrior mirror clip; these matches do indeed have entertaining conclusions. I also really enjoyed the Priest destroying that Aggro-ish Paladin. You can view the entire video below: