The latest card to be revealed is a Warrior common named Ravaging Ghoul. It was revealed earlier today by Blizzpro.


As we see more cards, the theme seems to be that we're going to have to work harder for our synergy in a lot of decks. Ravaging Ghoul has the usual stats for a three mana minion with a small upside. The natural home for it seems to be in a deck alongside cards such as , , and . That would draw us towards trying to drop it into a Patron Warrior deck, but at three mana, the Ghoul seems a little unwieldy to simply replace existing cards from that archetype. The synergy is strong however, so maybe it will emerge as a piece in a more midrange Warrior variant that we have not previously seen.Thing From Below, Master of Evolution, and Vilefin Inquisitor .The Entourage of Y'Shaarj: .Steward of Darkshire, Cabalist's Tome, and Skeram Cultist: .Mark of Y'Shaarj, Shadow Word: Horror, and Scaled Nightmare: .Ragnaros Lightlord, Mukla Tyrant of the Vale, and Cult Apothecary: .Boogeymonster, Renounce Darkness, Xaril, Infest: .Undercity Huckster, Tentacles for Arms, Spawn of N'Zoth: .N'Zoth the Corrupter, and lore: .