Although we saw FF15's stealth gameplay in action in the Duscae demo, when Noctis had to tail a trudging behemoth at a snail's pace so he could track it to its den, we had no idea how prominent that sort of stealth was going to be in the final product (you could say Tabata kept us waiting). However, one particularly sneaky screenshot and a new gameplay trailer reveal that it's going to be a bigger deal than anyone anticipated, with Noctis sneaking into an enemy base and back-stabbing on the sly.

Thankfully, it looks like FF15's stealth gameplay and combat won't be wholly separated. For instance, Noctis can use his teleportation move (which acts an impressive ultra-stab in combat) to zoom up to unsuspecting enemies and take them out. Plus, if every stealth section plays out like the one in the trailer, you can give up the slinking ghost and charge in, sword-swinging, without failing the mission. Hopefully that means there will be a natural flow between these very different parts of the game, though we'll have to wait for release to see. Or not see, depending on how sneaky you are.