Find out how to grind out your pet charms to help your collection. This guide will allow to you to complete each garrison menagerie daily successfully while trying to keep the overall number of pets to a minimum.

    Although this is not specifically a gold making guide, I will refer to the pet menagerie dailies in some of my future posts.  Battle pets make up a large proportion of my gold income at this time and I use the garrison dailies to level up my pets and improve their quality as well. Whether you are here just to level your pets, or to help in your gold making, the below will still be very useful to either level your pets quickly, or obtain to help improve your collection.  This standalone guide will help gold makers and general pet battlers alike.  I have tried to ensure that all the pets that are used below are fairly easy to obtain.  The following guide is intended for all players regardless of your experience with pet battles (even if you have never pet battled before you can get started fairly quickly).  So if you are new to pet battles, do not have access to a wide range of pets, or you are a pet veteran, this guide should still be useful. The majority of the pets that I use can be purchased at the auction house if you do not wish to farm for them.  Due to the fact you will use some of the pets for multiple encounters, those that you may have to purchase should be a good investment and you should get plenty of use out of them. If you are unsure what is an acceptable amount to pay for a particular pet then visit .  This website (although not always fully accurate) will give new players at least some indication as to what a pet is roughly worth at both level 1 and level 25. Please note that with all pet battles there are a large number of variations of completing them.  The pets and tactics I use below are meant to keep the total number of pets as low as possible. This means that although each individual encounter may not be the most efficient, the below methods should have 100% success rate without having to worry about RNG.    If you are brand new to pet battles and you are yet to unlock your menagerie I have a Youtube guide that can walk you through the initial quest chain . Please note the pets that I use to unlock the menagerie are pets that you will use for your dailies as well, so like I mentioned above if you do need to spend gold to buy them on the AH they will be a good investment.  Alternatively if you either can't afford to buy them or there are none available on your auction house, you can ask a friend to borrow their pets to unlock the menagerie then trade them back. If you already have a number of pets at level 1 and you are wanting to level them up as fast as possible then use my power leveling guide .  The method uses one of the garrison dailies, so be aware that it is only available once every 15 days.  Please note it is only this one daily quest that still offers experience to your pets!     Whether you are a pet collector or a gold maker the garrison pet dailies offer the quickest way to obtain your .  These can be used to purchase a number of items that will either upgrade your pets increasing their levels and / or their quality), or purchase other pets. At this time I use the garrison to level pets for both my own personal collection, and to level pets I wish to sell.  Having large amounts of pet charms will allow you to get your pets to level 25 and rare quality faster, so you can complete your collection or maximize your profits on the auction house. Some of the daily quests only take 2 minutes to complete, so it shouldn't add too much time to your regular garrison routine.    The pets I use for the dailies are as follows: For 14 of the 15 dailies I use only 8 pets:The only daily quest which does not include the above pets is for & which can use any three spider pets (which are fairly easy to tame at high level from a number of zones). The daily quest encounters follow a set round robin rotation which can be found in our menagerie guide .  This means that each daily only appears once every 15 days.      i have listed each individual garrison daily quest below.  Each daily has an attached Youtube video that helps to explain each encounter and a list of moves you will need to complete them.    Pets Required: and   Start with Pandaren Water Spirit 1. Geyser2. Whirlpool3. Swap to Chrominius4. Howl5. Surge of Power     Pets Required: &   Start with Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling 1. Breath until Manos dies2. Decoy when Hanos enters the battle3. Breath until your MPD dies4. Nexus Whelpling Frost Breath    Pets Required: & (plus a pet you wish to level) This method is intended to be used to level up your pets (as it is the only garrison daily that retains experience)  You can level any level 1 pet from 1-22 in four battles (~6-7minutes) and from 1-25 in 6 battles (10-11mins).  Start with Enchanted Broom 1. Sweep2. Swap to leveling pet3. Swap to Weeb4. Cleave until your Weebomination dies5. Enchanted Broom Batter     Pets Required: , and   Start with Pandaren Water Spirit 1. Geyser2. Whirlpool3. Swap to Chrominius4. Howl5. Bite until Howl is back up6. Howl7. Enchanted Broom Batter    Pets Required:  and   Start with Pandaren Water Spirit 1. Water Jet until PWS dies2. Breath until Sloppus comes in3. Decoy4. Breath     Pets Required:   Start with Nexus Whelpling 1. Arcane Storm2. Mana Surge     Pets Required: , and   Start with Pandaren Water Spirit 1. Geyser2. Whirlpool3. Swap to Chrominius4. Howl5. Bite6. Bite7. Surge of Power (Chrominius dies)8. Whirlpool9. Water Jet (once or twice depending if PWS dies)10. Breath    Please note: I am currently revising this method to make improvements (Youtube video guide as well).  It is a long fight regardless what pets you choose to use and is one of the dailies I generally skip.  If you do have two to three spiders available give it a try. Pets required: Two-Three Spiders  1. Brittle Webbing (ensure debuff is applied at all time as my YT video doesn't)2. Leech life3. Strike as filler   Pets Required: ,  and   Start with Chrominius 1. Howl2. Bite3. Bite4. Pass5. Pass (Chrominius dies)6. Enchanted Broom Batter until Scrags dies7. Clean Up8. Sweep9. Batter (Enchanted broom may die at this point)10. Nexus Whelpling Mana Surge     Pets Required:   1. Arcane Storm2. Mana Surge3. Arcane Storm     Pets Required: ,   Start with Pandaren Water Spirit 1. Geyser2. Whirlpool3. Swap to Chrominius4. Howl5. Surge of Power     Pets Required: ,   Start with Pandaren Water Spirit1. Geyser2. Whirlpool3. Swap to Chrominius4. Howl5. Surge of Power6. Whirlpool7. Water Jet    Pets Required:   1) Deep Bite2) Deep Bite3) Shell Armour4) Deep Bite5) Shell Armour off cd6. Deep Bite as filler    Pets Required: ,   Start with Pandaren Water Spirit 1. Geyser2. Whirlpool3. Swap to Chrominius4. Howl5. Surge of Power     Pets Required:   1. Nature's Ward2. Claw3. Dodge if Reflect is up4. Nature's Ward when off CD5. Claw   Hopefully you find these guides useful!  Like I have previously mentioned there are a wide variety of solutions to each pet daily, hopefully this will encourage you to do some of the more "difficult" ones and get those !   Try and do as many as you can, and keep an eye out for my future guides on battle pets, and how I utilise them to make gold!