The first event of April is here! Gather your strongest pets and get ready to conquer the world's best tamers!

So you've got your  ready, your pets are thirsty for blood, but what is there to do this week? Before you start anything, make sure to grab your weekly quest, The Very Best. This will reward you with an , leveling any pet to 25 instantly.

Once that's out of the way, you should take advantage of the increased pet battle experience to level the rest of your pets. The event grants you a buff that increases your pet experience gained by 200%. If you're hoping to start out this week, make sure to follow our tips below:

While you can always venture across the world looking to level your pets, you can have just as much success with the various pet rewards in your garrison. Check out Peelyon's guide to garrison pet rewards and how to obtain them!

If you're wondering about the other events this month, you can check out our monthly survival guide.