but I think I've really lost my passion for this game. Not because I'm getting old lol

I tried to discuss the issues I have in this game and no one answered any of them, tried the forums, facebook page, twitter, I even tried Dustin Browder's twitter page, nothing...

So stopped playing this game and changed to Elder Scrolls Online,

Somehow unrelated to the topic:

ESO is a super awesome game btw, the game lacks some professional class guides though, icy veins could do it but I guess you guys only focus on blizz games. If only the game had a team like WoW... the game is incredible (It's elder scrolls for God's sake!! Bethesda is a God) but the mmo part of the game sucks ( boo Zenimax), unlike WoW where it shines in mmo ( specially the amount of content it has) but the game is not as good as the elder scrolls (Kate Beckinsale as voice actor? I cannot count the hours I've spent listening to Queen Ayrenn <3 And the combat system! omg, I know a lot of people keep saying it's a hard copy of Guild Wars 2 but they are obviously wrong, Bethesda has mastered the genre way before and now they released their mmo)