Our predictions came true! A new trailer for Warcraft was released today!

Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft, had teased that something new is coming on April 19 and indeed it is a brand new trailer! Here it is:

The first shot of this trailer shows a statue of Medivh in Stormwind. We saw a picture from the set of Stormwind a month ago and people theorised correctly that the statue belonged to Medivh. Then we get some dialogue and (later) a shot from Queen Taria, who seems to be involved in the political affairs of the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Other notable scenes include Garona, Anduin Lothar getting thrust by Blackhand and Durotan going full rage mode at Gul'dan. We also get to see a company of Dwarves, with - presumably - King Magni Bronzebeard among them.

A lot of people commended the magic/spells animation and indeed they look pretty detailed and overall amazing. On the other hand, quite a few people disapproved of the song track, which is "The Day Is My Enemy" by The Prodigy. Even Duncan Jones commented on it:

The same song played during the fourth TV spot of the movie, which was released less than a month ago. I personally am a great Prodigy fan and I didn't feel like the song was off; it's definitely unexpected for a movie of this genre, but it sets a good pace for the scenes depicted in the trailer. What do you guys think?