Get your cosmetic groove on with oodles of new looks coming in Patch 2.4.1!

It is no secret that I am strongly looking forward to the new farmable cosmetic content that is due to drop with Patch 2.4.1. I even wrote featuring way too many caps in the title. The truth is while the game still has minor gripes here and there, we finally are at the point with Diablo III that this can take precedence. The gameplay has been (and will continue to be) tweaked and modified and perfected for nearly four years now, and the result is a patch that lets us focus on the little things.    That isn't to say that Patch 2.4.1, and the Season 6 meta wont see totally new aspects. Many of the sets were once again tweaked, , there was a massive effort from the devs to change the 1 DPS, 3 Support , and even or massive tweaks to help out the solo players.

Well if you are looking forward to the small things coming in the form a portrait frame made of rainbows, then check out the Cosmetics Preview that has just gone live on It shows a few of the items that will become attainable, including the new pet goblin and even some wings! 

Don't forget to drop a comment or two in the box below and let us know what feature you are most looking forward to in Patch 2.4.1! I'm guessing the ability to wear a crab on your head is going to win any polls though...