Throughout your adventures in Bravely Second you will come across many blue treasure chests with great rewards waiting for you inside. However, to the horror of many, these treasure chests are locked and a means for opening them seems to be nowhere in sight. Worry not, dear gamer, as there is most definitely a way to open them and it just requires a little patience.

Even though you come across these locked blue treasure chests very early on in the game, you won’t actually be able to unlock them until chapter 5. When you find yourself inside of the sanctuary in Gathelatio you will see a shining dot in the hallway that leads to the exit. This is the key that will unlock all of the locked blue treasure chests, gaining you some very helpful items in the process.

There are a total of 12 locked blue treasure chests throughout the game, and below you will find a list of each one’s location and what they contain:

That wraps up the location and contents of every locked blue treasure chest, but be sure to check out our other Bravely Second guides for even more help with the game.