Ever wonder what happens when you combine genius level programing and professional grade art? You get Matt and Mercy Hass, a dynamic husband and wife team.

Matt and Mercy are bringing their skills together to create Genesis a mobile Minecraft inspired survival and resource gathering game with elements of city building.

In Genesis you are placed on a pre-flood earth with one goal, survive. You will gather resources or trade with developing cultures to build a home, a fort, or a city. The possibilities are only limited by your own creativity.

If you don’t care for the city life than why don’t you become the most powerful nomad in the world?

Matt and Mercy are about more than just turning out a mobile game and Genesis is no exception, they have teamed up with Brian & Virginia Norman of Early Earth Educators to insure accuracy in the game. Genesis is your chance to learn about early earth settlers, and learn how civilization survived.

Game IconGenesis will give you the opportunity to choose between right and wrong, but be prepared to face the consequences for your actions. Become a bandit or outlaw and you will have to deal with the social rejection and plagues that come along with your decisions.

There’s always forgiveness right? Sacrifice in the temple and experience the blessings that God will pour out on you.

Genesis looks to be a really exciting game, but Matt and Mercy need your help to make it a reality.

When making a game you can be the most talented programmer on earth, but what about music or sound effects? Unless you’re going back to the days of silent film you have to hire a freelancer to do this for you. You can be the most talented concept artist in the world, but what about animation? Unless you’re going to use still frames through the entire game you will have to hire an animator.


Matt and Mercy need around $8,000 to make Genesis a reality and you can help by giving to the Genesis Kickstarter campaign. You’re not just giving blindly with no idea about where your money is going Matt and Mercy have broken down exactly what your money will be used for.

Genesis Kickstart

It’s always exciting when fellow Christians get behind your project. Eric Hovind, the founder of Creation Today likes the Genesis game. Brian & Virginia Norman of Early Earth Educators have volunteered their time to help make the game the best it can be. It’s when we as Christians come together in support of something good that great things happen. You can support the Kickstarter campaign by going here.

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