Q*Bert returns and jumps his way into a whole new generation of gaming!

In February 2015 Loot Entertainment in collaboration with Gonzo Games & Sony Online Entertainment (Daybreak Game Company) released the remake of a timeless arcade classic ‘Q*Bert: Rebooted’. Seen in its own animated series as well as a movie cameo in ‘Wreck it Ralph’, fan response to Q*Bert was so positive that the bigwigs at Sony Pictures couldn’t ignore the renewed interest in the old-school arcade icon from the early 80s, who went on to become one of the biggest games in history.

‘Q*Bert: Rebooted’ is a tale of two games: there’s the old-school 2D pixelated classic version you may remember from arcade machines in the 80s, same Q*Bert, same enemies and controls. Everything is untouched, exactly as you remember it (except for the addition of trophies). Then, there’s the “Reboot” part, the revamped version of the game which takes all the good stuff and makes it better. Everything from the graphics, character, and stage design to the variety of enemies has been redone for this generation.

The graphics have been converted up from 2D to 3D, for both Q*Bert, and stages.

Three new enemy characters have been added to the originals: Homer, Uppercut, and Treasure Chest.

Seven new playable characters have been added that can be unlocked using bonus points earned during gameplay. Each character is based on the original Q*Bert, but has their own unique name, look, and “jumping” sound effect. Once you reach the point goal of each level, a bonus game is triggered where you have a time limit to collect as many “gems” as you can, these can be used to purchase the extra characters.

Adding to the already rich replay value, Level Select is available across all levels that have been unlocked through gameplay. Let’s not forget, nine trophies are waiting to be won , two of which can only be unlocked in the “classic” version.

The most obvious change in the “reboot”, is that stages switch from squares to hexagons, which help transition the games appearance from flat 2D worlds, to a more “dynamic” feeling experience, and as a “happy accident,” it makes every stage easier if you are a “veteran” of Q*Bert.

As you progress through the game, you may have to change the color of the blocks twice rather than once, all while dodging, enemies, and holes in the ground, while staying on the “play area”. Remember to use the discs to grant you safe passage to the top of the “pyramid” and evade certain fall-deaths due to enemy pursuit.

Controls can be accessed via the Left analog stick, or the D-pad, but for accuracy I suggest using the touchscreen to let Q*Bert know EXACTLY where you would like him to jump next.

Q*Berts sounds are pleasing to the ear, most of the sound effects are the same as the arcade version, just higher quality.

Any fan or collector of arcade classics simply can’t go without adding ‘Q*Bert: Rebooted’ to your roster of old-school games. ‘Q*Bert:Rebooted’ is a perfectly done remake of an arcade classic. Everything was made better from graphics to gameplay although it would have been nice if new Q*Bert characters had been given special abilities (faster, far jumpers, etc.)

You can find out more about Q*Bert: Rebooted at the official website.