I know there’s a ton of you Harmonix loving gamers who have been chomping at the bit to play the returning cult classic Amplitude. Well the wait is almost over because Amplitude has a release date! Enter the world of pixel popping beats again mere days after the new year on January 5th 2016!

For those of us who backed the kickstarter responsible for Amplitude‘s return, well the ones who funded above the $40 tier (much like this guy), will get their hands on it two weeks earlier on December 23rd. Don’t fret though, those lucky enough to be at the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco this weekend will also have a chance to get their grubby little hands on this immortal beauty. There’s also those nifty trading cards too, if you’re into such things.

So ready your Beat Blasters, ready your wallets, and save up that Christmas cash from Grandmama because Amplitude is landing on PS4 and PS Vita for $20 on January 5th, 2016!