As if you haven’t noticed lately, SMITE is a hot topic among the blog, Nic and I have been doing podcasts for every SMITE God and I’ve done a few posts on my newbie position to not only SMITE but the entire MOBA genre in general. What you don’t see is all of the behind the scenes talk about SMITE between Nic and myself. It’s mostly about how terrible I am, but sometimes we sit around the coffee table and change the world, or maybe just balance SMITE.

I don’t know if this will become some ongoing post, but Let’s Balance SMITE Version 1.0 started harmlessly enough about changing Ravana’s appalling kit, possibly making him an assassin, and then again improving Nemesis into the force she was apparently once was. Somehow Arachne joins in the picture and then viola, Ares chains his way in to completely transform this chat into the Let’s Balance SMITE Version 1.0.

Kratos anyone? That’s the first thing I thought when Nic brought this up, I don’t troll well, but this is about the time the innocent chat about balancing and changing Gods takes a turn.

let's balance smite vversion 1.0,smite,hirez studios,nerd farm

“Shit sipper Kratos”, heh, Nic burns that iconic pale crybaby into the ground. I then begin to take a more philosophical approach to war.

let's balance smite version 1.0,hirez studios,smite,nerd farm

Politics, the real act of war and evil aggression.

At this point I’m loving the Ares I’ve created and only partially consider Nic’s Ares kit. I have to admit, a move that allows you to go into debt during war has to be one of my best ideas yet.

let's balance smite version 1.0,hirez studios,smite,nerd farm