As a gamer when I look around the gaming-verse I can’t help, but notice all the extras. As gamers we have formed an almost compulsive addiction to collecting trinkets.

There are thousands of items that can be collected and subsequently bragged about through Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or YouTube. Tutorials are written or recorded with the sole purpose of helping the less experienced or uninformed gain the rarest digital goods.

With the influx of Micro-Transactions advantageous or cosmetic items can be purchased to enhance your gaming experience.

Where did this need for collecting come from, why are we so obsessed with sniffing out these rare items?

There was always that one coin just beyond Mario’s stubby little fingers. You would try to jump from various angles with no success. I bet you even pressed the button a little harder thinking that somehow a 1980s controller was pressure sensitive, and all you needed was a little more force to be propelled within reach of that teasing coin.  Perhaps after a short consultation with your friends or siblings you would decide that it’s impossible to reach.  One question would forever be burned into your mind “How could they put it in the game if you can’t get to it?”

Those funky geniuses at Nintendo not only gave us unreachable coins, but they gave us arguably the most recognizable power ups in gaming history.

There was an immense feeling of power when you collected that first mushroom and went from being Mario to being mega Mario. What about when you hit that block for the first time and a strange glowing flower bloomed. “What is that? Am I supposed to get it? WOW flower Power!”   You had become Mario the destroyer!

Nintendo had instilled within an entire generation of gamers a compulsive need to collect rare items and mega power-ups.

Mario Power Ups

Developers have realized that power-ups are valuable and that fans will pay for the privilege of having a slight advantage in game.

The industry has become so big that we have to deal with micro-transactions, early access, mountains of DLC, pre purchase bonuses, in-game trading or auctions, badges, in-game ads, etc…

If Super Mario Bros was released today would there be a rare set of power boots that could be purchased or farmed so that you could reach that coin?

Would you be able to purchase coins or power-ups from the online portal?

This need for more isn’t really a gaming thing although developers have learned to profit from it; it’s a human nature thing. Throughout history man has strived, fought, stole, and even murdered to fulfill this need. Empires have been built and destroyed because of this lust for more. There’s something missing from our lives a void that must be filled.

We all want to live life to the fullest, to get the most out of the short time that we have on earth.

Some people feel that they’ve been cheated, that they’ve been dealt a bad hand. The situation they’re in feels hopeless.  They’ve been told that they’re worthless, that they will never have or be anything. The need for more is burning inside of them, but is ignored because of a great hopelessness that has overcome them. They are in desperate need of a power-up!

10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

The devil has no other power but to lie. He is the father of lies. He will lead you to believe that power will fill the hole for more, that material things will fill the desire for more, that fame will fill the hole. He builds these things up in our minds and hearts to be things of value, to be desirable yet they are always just out of our reach, the unobtainable golden coin.

We start to make poor and immoral decisions in an effort to achieve the things we perceive as valuable, ultimately to our on destruction whether spiritually or physically.

Jesus not only came to give us life but to give us life more abundantly, He is the power-up we so desperately need. Through Jesus our priorities are changed and our eyes are opened to what is truly important.

16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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