Hey guys, Nic here with a brand new Pokemon Double Team Podcast Episode 1 featuring myself, beer, and my girlfriend the Poke-maniac herself, Brittany!

Double Team Podcast episode 1 comes appropriately on the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. 20 years of Pokemon, almost old enough to drink legally. Coincidentally our podcast hopes to join the two, combining a choice of ale with a similar theme.

So join us as we discuss the very dark entries of the pokedex, how Clefairy needs to be punched in the face, Dicklett, the dark theory behind Trubbish, the bag full of Trubbish Wurmple and much more in Double Team Podcast Episode 1!

Our first beer choice for Double Team Podcast episode 1 is Firstone’s Union Jack IPA, and we plan to bring you a delicious brew to sip upon while you listen to the Pokemon loveliness that is the podcast.

Hope you enjoy the Double Team Podcast and please let us know your Pokemon questions on our Facebook page!